Top 5 Best Football Referees in History

Referee or Umpire or linesmen is the person who controls the game and gives neutral decision during the game. He is responsible to implement laws of the game during football match. The decision of the Referee is final and according to sportsmanship and all players accepts the decision. According to FIFA in a football match a Referee is assisted by 2 other associate referees and somewhere fourth one. In a game referee should be very dynamic and attentive because referee is the person who runs the game with players. The Training of Referees is to be held on special FIFA academies and national organizations of FIFA. Referee has authority to give a yellow or red card to player for misconduct or out a player from game. Referee wears a jersey of colors including blue, yellow, green, red, black and black shorts and socks during game. Below is the list of top 5 best football referees in history. Read and Enjoy!

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Top 5 Best Football Referees in History

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